Balcony Roof Designs 

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Kip said...

Gorgeous selection of balcony roof designs. The one in the first photograph is my favorite. The combination of the modern roof design and the glass walls is perfect. I can almost imagine the view of the sunrise from that balcony -- heavenly!

Kip Whitehead

Lakisha Autin said...

If Kip liked the first photo, then I’d say my fave here is the last one. Japanese architecture has always been one of the strongest influences of the roofing trends and designs today. This balcony is one of the simplest yet most comfortable places I’ve ever seen in a house, and it’s one portion where I’d gladly stay all day. I love the fact that it’s open on both sides.
--Lakisha Autin

Tiffany Larsen said...

One of my favorite parts of the house is the balcony. And among these photos, my favorite is the first. The altitude is best for sightseeing, something that will relieve me of the stress from work. =) Overall, these balconies are wonderful! I can actually sleep in each of these every night. Hahaha!

Tiffany Larsen

Saundra Wordlaw said...

The first photo caught my attention, too. When it comes to balconies, I prefer those areas situated at high altitudes. Well, it must be nice to see the sunrise and sunset every day. And the roof looks very durable as well. That’s actually a winner for being tough and elegant!

Saundra Wordlaw

Chantay said...

I consider the balcony of our home as my mini sanctuary. It is the spot where I do my yoga exercises every morning, read my books during leisure time, and drink my glass of champagne before going to bed. It is also the place where I go every time I want to meditate. Among these pictures, my favorite is the first picture. Aside from the stunning roof design, the location also gives you an awesome view of your surroundings.

Chantay Smithingell

Pauleen Schofield said...

These are good ideas when building a balcony. Every design is distinct and beautiful on its own. However, the overall design should still depend on the structure of the house and the look the owner wants to achieve. I think there is something in here that every homeowner can adapt for his home.

Pauleen Schofield

aliah said...

good roof design make your house good looking and beautiful..and choosing a color for color is up to can choose one you love the most..
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